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Let the Fireworks Begin

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Independence Day is here, and millions will enjoy plenty of fireworks and cookouts with family and friends for the holiday. Even though sparklers and hotdogs rule the festivities, here are a few items that will help you revel in the celebrations.


The LiteHawk FREEDOM is a revolutionary, first of its kind, hybrid drone aircraft that can be converted from a drone to an aerial vehicle simply by inserting the drone into the plane housing, providing hours of entertainment. It is factory tested, and everything needed to run the vehicle is included. The LiteHawk Freedom has a highly durable, flexible plane chassis, adjustable performance modes, and auto drone. Kit includes a micro-sized portable remote.

EcoXGear-SolJam Bluetooth Speaker-Black

Why not listen to your favorite tunes while flying your LiteHawk Freedom drone through the skies? This solar powered, waterproof speaker will float and is submersible (IP68). In full sunlight, the EcoXGear-SolJam Bluetooth speaker will provide continuous play up to 15 hours. It also boasts a LED meter to optimize the sun angle. With two 5W speakers and a down-firing subwoofer, your music will sound perfect for the outdoors. Its solar power can charge the internal 2,800mAh rechargeable battery in three hours. The universal USB charging port can charge phones, tablets, cameras, and radios. Also includes a universal screw mount and it is powered by SunCore™.

INSECTRONIC Steren Electronic Insect Killer with Black Light 

This high voltage, black light, electronic fly killer will keep your outdoors free of flies, mosquitoes, and other insects without chemicals, fumes or smell. The bugs are attracted to the light and are killed when they touch the metal grid. Safe to use around family and pets. Plug into AC power outlet and enjoy the outside without the nuisance of flying bugs. It includes a washable collection tray for quick and easy cleanup.

Steren 16 ft., 300 RGB LED Strip 

The Steren 16 ft., 300 RGB LED Strip is ready for outdoor installation (IP67 rated) and will light up your outdoors with over a thousand different color shades. The strip, enclosed in plastic, is water and dust resistant, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. It is flexible and can be installed on a multitude of surfaces including sideboards, signs, and windows. The full length is 5 meters (16.4 ft) with 60 ultra-bright LEDs per meter and can be cut every 5 cm. Cross section is 1.2cm x 4mm (approx.). For optimal connection and performance, an independent controller is recommended. Compatible with the Steren MODLED-010 or MODLED-040. Power is 12V.

Steren Remote Control/Controller for LED RGB Strip 

With a max range (remote) of 19.7ft. (6 meters), this 44 key smart remote control is the perfect accessory for your RGB LED strips. It can turn on, off, configure and control the color, intensity, brightness, and mode of the LEDs. The remote control operates on infrared and has an output power of 70W, which allows the remote to control more than one connected LED strip at a time, as long as their sum does not exceed maximum output. Included is a 3V-CR2025 button cell power supply. The remote has a charging current of 2A x 3C and a power supply of 12-24V 6A max. Dimensions: 4.92” x 2.17” x .2.76”.

ANKER PowerCore 20000 Black QC3.0 

The PowerCore 20000 is one of the first portable chargers to use the Quick Charge 3.0 output. It charges up to 4x faster than standard chargers and can charge compatible devices up to 80% in 35 minutes. The PowerCore 20000 will also charge Non-Quick Charge devices at max speed. Its ultra-high 20000mAh capacity is enough to charge an iPhone 7 seven times, Galaxy S8 more than four times and iPad Air 2 one and a half times. It is more compact than competing high-capacity portable chargers and is equipped with a multi-protect microchip that provides surge, short circuit and low voltage protection. This portable charger also has an auto shut off sleep mode. Comes with a worry-free 18 month manufacturer warranty.